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Gen Z Presentation

by | April 27, 2022 | Mentoring

Definition of Generation

Analysis of the Generations Isn’t an Exact Science


Media News and Consumption

“A Comparison of the Media Consumption Habits of Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z” –


DITTO for Gen Z: A framework for leveraging the uniqueness of the new generation


Generational Social Media: How Social Media Influences The Online And In-Person Relationships Of Gen X, Gen Y And Gen Z


Who’S Clicking on On-Demand? Media Consumption Patterns of Generations Y & Z


Lund Digital Marketing Survey Insights


Gen Z & Social Media Influencers: The Generation Wanting a Real Experience


Gender pronouns

Gender Pronouns Can Be Tricky on Campus. Harvard Is Making Them Stick.


TEDxTalk: We Owe Generation Z an Apology


Working With Generation Z

Who is Gen Z and How Will They Impact the Workplace?


Let’s Spill the Tea on Generation Z: 5 Things You Need to Know Right Now


Why Gen Z is so keen on entrepreneurship, and what that means for employers


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Appearance on: No More Normal

Appearance on: No More Normal

Logo of the KUNM radio station.Last month, I was a guest panelist on NoMoreNormal, a podcast hosted by Khalil Ekulona on KUNM. The topic of discussion was a report published by the American Academy of Arts & Science, titled Our Common Purpose: Reinventing American...

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NMFOG Article Published & Radio Appearance

NMFOG Article Published & Radio Appearance

An article I wrote for the New Mexico Foundation For Open Government (NMFOG) was published as an Op Ed in the Albuquerque Journal last Sunday. The focus of the article was on technology ethics and maintaining the truth in media. On April 20th, I discussed the article...

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